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Jessica Humble of Victory and Sunny Franco of Roar contest the ball during the W-League Grand Final match between the Melbourne Victory and the Brisbane Roar at Lakeside Stadium on February 23, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images) 2014 Getty Images

Make me choose | Sophie Schmidt or Kaylyn Kyle

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Steph Catley & Grace Gill

Canberra United 2 - Melbourne Victory 4

W League | Season 7 | Round 3

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Skipper Stephanie Catley was the scorer, getting a toe to a low cross to divert the ball towards goal and, despite Chantel Jones getting a hand on the shot, and the best efforts of the covering Nicole Begg to clear off the line, the ball trundled into the corner to leave Melbourne in the box-seat at the break.”


Michelle Heyman on her way to her 2nd goal, and thanking keeper, Chantel Jones for the assist.

W League | Season 7 | Round 1

WSW 1 - CU 4

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brisbane roar has the best celebrations

Excuse you

i mean sure, that’s pretty cool but

look at that team spirit

Cutest team spirit you’ve ever seen tbh

i team spirit all over your team spirit

i can’t see this ending soon, we have so much spirit

so much spirit

and hand holding

so much hand holding

hand holding is happiness

we have some hand holding

and so much hugging

(can we just not talk about how liv price is holding on to rollo like her life depends on it because i just can’t)

i will very happily compromise and say the matildas have the ultimate very best celebrations ever

oh god so so true